‘Rent a Friend’

‘Rent a Friend’  is ThanklessFilms’ entry into this years RTE Storyland competition.

We’ve currently finished the first episode and are in preproduction on the second.

You can find out all about us on our facebook page.

Here is a note on the show itself

Dave and Der are two young men, out of college, out of a job, with no option but to live at home in Kilkenny, with their parents, in Kilkenny…

With degrees in History and Media, (aka the past and TV) they realise there is little opportunities available to them so they decide to sell the only asset they have; theirfriendship. Unfortunately as far as friendship goes, these two are offering the worst deal on the market.

Like so many twenty something year olds of today, Dave and Der are two disillusioned young men, raised as the perfect celtic cubs; they expect life to be easier. In fact they refuse to believe otherwise. They have found themselves hurdled into the real world and are sinking fast. But their disillusioned survival instincts kick in and they are determined to churn this milk into cream and then put that cream on their lattes.

Unfortunately for Dave and Der the world they knew and loved has not prepared them in anyway for this brutal reality.  Social darwinism has slapped them in the face and now they must learn to be men, business men.

ʻRent-a-Friendsʼ is a webseries part taking in this years RTÉ’s Storyland.  It is a vote based competition and we will therefore be annoying you for votes.


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