What is a Dave?

“I’m just a lovable rogue, trying to find my way in the world. Most people would regard me as a prick and to be perfectly honest- I dont blame them. However I would implore those people to look beyond my bitter, sarcastic and cynical nature and I invite them to explore my more sensitive side…and touch it” – that’s me, quoting myself.

I’m pretty much a man, in the biological sense.  I have a beard, a hairy chest, a penis and the height of a good looking man.

In the philosophical sense, I reckon I have a long way yet to go before qualifying as a man…philosophically.

I take pictures, both still and moving.  I write, snap, shoot, cull, cut, re sequence, delete and then finally share these pictures, with you, because I’m really nice like that.

In short; I tell stories.

This is the second Generation of my blog.  I started on blogger but have migrated to wordpress.

I initially started blogging because there’s so many emo twats who blog about how great they think their thoughts are and like to show off how good at English they are.

Nobody asked them to do this.  That kinda pissed me off so I wanted to take the piss out of these blogger… so i did.  Nobody asked me either.  Before long i started offering my own insights into myself or whatever.  People started talking to me about my blog, i talked to other bloggers about their blogs.  Its all a bit sickening.

In short; I’m a blogger.


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