Why Have A Mural When You Can Have A Lovely Plain Wall?

There’s a lot to be said about the bull shit of the art world. None the least in Ireland. Along with the building boom, we also had a douche bag boom. But not all artists are douche bags.

Some artists create simply to make you smile or brighten your day. They see it as a sport. They enjoy the twists and sparks of the imagination and want to share the joy with people. When i say sport, i dont mean soccer or rugby type sports, where something is to be gained or achieved.

I mean sport as in fun, like surfing or flying a kite. Enjoyed for the fleeting moment of joy that could under certain principles be called ‘zen’ . The art of art.

No artist I know embodies such a trait as Mick Minogue. Everything he touches (artistically) retains the innocence and wonder that is youth. That knowledge and simpleness that we pretend isn’t important when we grow up, is cherished and boldly fronted in all his work.

He is without a doubt one of the most annoyingly imaginative souls battling his way to success today.

One of the great things about this digital world is that we have all become our own broadcasters. We can have an audience of thousands over night- as opposed to years ago struggling to get someone to review your portfolio or notebook full of hilarious fart jokes. Which is great but to an extent deflates the value of the work we see. We become cynical because we are exposed to so much more. You can view a great work by Banksy and then easily compare that to the fledging career of a local prominent talent.

Little over a year ago, Mick Minogue and DANLEO created a mural for a hostel in Bundoran Co.

Donegal. It is fun, unique and has become quite a landmark. Attracting tourists, local media and the BBC herself. The local residents love it and no doubt it’s the beacon of light to countless kids as they go to school. Like in Mick’s other works, his love and respect for the inner child has turned what would be just another house amongst a bunch of other houses, into a house that tells you to shut up and play. It unashamedly reaches in and reminds you that once upon a time fun dictated your mood, not your bank account, your mortgage, your job, your life was run by fun. Mick and Dan’s mural maybe dismissible as just fun but it’s great fun. And it deserves to be cherished.

The Donegal county council have demanded that on the 1st of March 2011 this mural must be replaced by a colour that only you’re grandmother would find palatable. They’ve also fined the couple who run the Hostel. Which is a bunch of fucking bull shit. So I want you to email info@donegalcoco.ie and tell them; I like the octopus mural and think this greatly adds to the landscape of Bundoran.

Admittedly there are more pressing causes people could fight for. But this is important too. This is as important as free speech. To let this go would be a greater denial than free speech because this is just fun, the simplest but most essential expression of freedom.

It’s a simple cause with a simple solution. You have an email account.

It would take you 3 seconds to send that email.


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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One Response to Why Have A Mural When You Can Have A Lovely Plain Wall?

  1. Damn Right man!! I know have a lot of opposition ahead of me and there will be plenty of old men telling me the laws and that we were all in the wrong but thats the main issue, is it really wrong?
    One main thing though is that I may have brought this to the light but the mural is more Dan than me, he is the master can man!! We both worked our asses off on the wall but he really deserves the credit for how it all looks.
    Thanks man I hope this goes far and people act on it, start a revolution!!!

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