‘Rent a Friend’


We (thanklessfilms) are making a webseries for this years RTE Storyland competition. It’s a actually a co-production with Kite Entertainment, …who now own 40% of our souls….balls.

We’ve just finished shooting and cutting the first episode.  It’s definitely different to all our other Thankless stuff but in a good way.  I hope.

We might be having a press/sneak peak night soon, if you would like to go….sickened, your not invited…unless you are invited, in which case you are i suppose.

The series goes live on the first of March, its a voting based competition so we need as much support as possible.  We need people to not only vote but to share the video and ask their friends to share and vote also.  So basically be prepared to be spammed for a week.

For now, you can help by liking  our facebook page.

We’ll be launching our website over the next week and uploading promos and all that crap from there.

The show is based and set in Kilkenny and follows the characters of Dave Minogue (played by David Thompson) and Dermot Tobin (played by Dermot Tobin).   Dave and Der decide to set up a business where they charge people to hang out with them.  This episode also stars the talents of Moses Moorhouse and John McEvoy.

It also features music from the one man band that is R.S.A.G. (Rarely Seen Above Ground).

You can read more about the show itself here or on the facebook page.  So stay tuned and if you want to help or be involved in anyway just email us at thanklessfilms@gmail.com or get in touch with us via facebook.



About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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