>What do i want for Christmas?

>An Abortion.

Looks like we’ll finally be getting some abortions over here on the land of little munchkins.  Great.

Why?  Because Europe said so.  I’m glad they said so.  Why?  Because I hate children, but also if it wasnt for Europe, Irish people would be as backward and as fucked up as they were 40 years ago.  Fuck it, even 20 years ago.

Being gay would be punishable by death.  Being a woman would mean you’d know your place.  Marriage would still be a life sentence and your child would be on their knees sucking the holy cock of your local priest and you’d beat the shit out of him/her if she ever told you about it.

Granted our pop culture has taken a drastic turn for the worst and our college graduates dress like 80’s rent boys or in the girls cases- aids victims, the working class still have shit facial hair but at least they’re emigrating.  We can fix this, thanks to Europe.

Now we can take a pre-emptive strike against the cultural cluster fucks of the future and Abort the gee bags of tomorrow, today.

I dont have a real point, sometimes i just fucking hate this country.

Thankfully Europe wants to sort us out.

PS- if your so fucking stupid that you think that i think the best argument for abortions is to get people to stop dressing in skinny jeans and growing shit moustaches – then you should have been aborted years ago.

PPS- sorry for cursing.


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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