>Live Blogged Live Cornation St

>Im live blogging the live episode of cornation street.

Ok, bad shits happened and a moany bitch is moaning.  Great episode so far. 20:01

A male has a portable chest trauma? Sounds sore and made up.

Nick cant act.

Girl cop’s hot.

So far it feels like every other episode…just more make up.

I wonder how many times they’ve done this today.

Knackers screaming.

This is shit.  I cant blog and relate to the story simultaneously.

The liveness is starting to look shit.

Why would they want to make a sub par high climax episode to celebrate being an old tv show?

Tyrone just said he was the dad, snicker. He’s not.

‘The longer it takes, the better for this fella…more time for his organs to develop”

I hope someone sneaks the word ‘cunt’ into this.

The worst thing about this plot line is the following plot lines are gonna be

A: Not as interesting

B:  Full of  bull post traumatic trauma shit thats equally not interesting.

The knacker that looks like a rooster is trying to sell her knacker baby to her ex knacker sister thats still a knacker at heart.

So far there was only one hiccup; when the hot lesbian missed her cue.

I love Norris’ girlfriend.

Is Ashley definitely dead?

You cant answer.  Blogs are no where near as good as twitter.

I know all the electrcity is gone but everything is still pretty well lit.

Whining and moaning for a full hour….

I hope that round of a applause was for him boning Rosie Webster.

Leanne looks like a crack head.  I used to fancy her when she was 15. (Thats not perverse because i was 13…we’d have made very good looking teenage parents).

I hope the breaks are live acted too.

You might have noticed i gave up on time coding this ages ago 20:13

I’d do beyonce….even though she looks greasy.  Further proof of how non racist i am… I wonder if Hitler was alive would he do her too?

This ad for RTE is more exciting than all the shows its advertising put together.

Speaking of RTE you should like our ‘Rent a Friend’ facebook page.  We’re part taking in this years Storyland competition.

It’s back on 20:17.

I hope Molly dies.

The doctor who just found out that Tyronne just found out he’s not the biological father was very diplomatic and mature about it….way more mature than i was.

Personally i think Kevin should sneak some blood into the baby when  nobodies looking.

I wish i wrote for Cornation Street.

Dev is always crying.

He’s a terrible crying actor.  20:20.

Norris doesnt know that Rita is bleeding to death in the rubble of his shop.

I love the guy who’s going out with Tina.

Nick cant act.

Tranny Chesney should stop screaming, giving birth is not painful at all.

If i had to choose between Carla and Leanne, even if i was about to die and it was going to cause a load of drama after my death, I’d still choose Carla.

I’d love some morphine…for my pain…pain of having to live blog this.

This episode is really really dramatic. 20:24.

I hope one of the actors has an existential melt down during a scene.

Looks like the babys dead 😦

Now they’re sawing Molly in half.  Good.

I hope Sally kisses Molly with loads of tongue.  That would be almost hot.

Baby Jack is gonna die.  Thats my prediction.

Sweet, Kevins giving the baby a sneaky blood job.

Leannes gonna get married to a dead guy?  WHAAAA?

Ken Barlow cant act.

Actually im a registered minister with the universal church of life, so if anyone wants me to perform any ceremonies i can probably help you out.  Just be prepared to $$$$$

Cool the crippled girl just stood up….you always hear of miracles happening in times of extreme circumstances.

John should stop looking at that nearly dead baby and go hide the body of the woman he just killed.

Cool another commercial…. 20:31.

Im not blogging during this commercial.

Back 20:35

Nicks in the hospital.  Being a shit actor.

I wonder does Leanne know that Nick orchestrated this whole catastrophe?

Look at Clare acting shocked.

More moaning.

Accidental zoom that added  needless drama to a scene.

I wonder how long it will be before the plot lines move on from all this drama bull shit.

This is so unrealistic…nothing bad ever happens in real life.

Gary is having a trip on the floor.

I have to say that all in all this looks not all that different from a real episode.

Where’s exknacker becky off too?

That oxygen bag on molly isnt even moving…shes fake breathing…?

Yes, Molly’s dying.

This storyline with john accidentally killing that really ugly woman really annoys me.

‘Something, Borrowed’  all these extras are very smooth.

Poor old Rita.  Lying dead with every one of her dear friends laughing about how shes a drunk.

Another commercial break….20:45.

This blog is shit, i regreted doing it around 20:02.

I remember at 20:02 on the  02/02/2002 everyone was saying you should make a wish….what a load of bull shit.  Not really actually because my wish was for a boiler to explode on cornation street and a run away tram to kill everyone.

Coke Christmas ad.

That denny ad is actually a documentary filmed last year…it was on the Ray D’Arcy show today.

My throat is sore.

We’re back 20:49

Rita’s not all dead.

I dunno why the fireman needs to report to Sally every time he does anything.

Molly’s talking shite.

Graham, thats his name.  I forgot.

Ashley’s leaving a message from beyond the grave….spooky.

This happened in 9/11 so its realistic.

Funny how all the background noise just died.

The ugly psycho isnt dead?  Its like a horror movie.

I missed what happened.  Molly’s a bit of a cunt, as if Sally’s day wasnt shit enough, now she has all this to deal with.

What happened to all the firemen and ambulance women?  Actually thats a bit sexist isnt it?  All the men are firemen and all the women are ambulance women.

Peter’s death/wedding is taking for ever. 20:56.

‘I now pronounce you man and wife’ 20:56

‘Time of Death 20:57″

More screams…isnt she supposed to wait for the bedroom for that? LOL

Everyones dead.

I’m not going to proof read this blog,  like i ever do.

At least they didnt fuck  it up.  Very professional.


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