>Rabbitte Season

>I’ve met Pat Rabbit twice in my life.

Once during the 2007 election, where he didnt really want to talk to me.  Probably because i was wearing a hoody and walking around with a girl and he had to walk around with Sean O’Hargain.

I remember him being taller than i had preconceived  and very not interested in talking to me about my own fiscal policies.   It’s ok, though, i was intent on voting for Green /Labour candidates anyway, so maybe he was just being efficient.

The second time was at a ‘Stop selling women for sexy time’ talk.  Just after the strip club in town opened and it was  the ‘hot thing’ to be pro womens are human too.

I had to take his photo, when i got home i noticed he was standing on his tippy toes.  It was because he was beside Joan Burton.  Who is fucking TALL.

I wasn’t put off by the vanity of it all, in fact i completely understood it.  I was, however incredibly impressed with the savvy-ness implied.

He knew,  that i’d be cropping that picture when i got home and probably assumed i wouldn’t even notice.  He also knew that height is something that subconsciously triggers a judgement in people and that if he were to appear smaller than the women in the picture then he’d be somewhat slightly emasculated in the eyes of the people.  People that weren’t even in his constituency.

Now writing i cant help but think he also served an injustice to the cause he was arguing for.  The Equality of Women.  Would he have done this if he were in a room full of men slightly taller than him?

What if he was in a room full of smaller people? Would he have leaned down to their level?

Anyway, my intent was never to dwell on the shallowness of this man.

This man is sheer brillant.
An articulate, honest, angry voice of the people.
There should always be people, of all heights, of this nature in opposition to every single government, every where.


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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