>Animal Portraits


Ad reads:
‘Multiple award winning artist offers expressive pet portraits at reasonable prices.  Makes an ideal gift or memento of your beloved pal.  Done from photographs and rendered in pencil.  Available inA4 at 30 euro and A3 at 50 euro’

dave minogue ✆ to serv-8c9sw-177.
show details Jul 12

I was wondering if you do only domestic animal portraits? If so could you give me a list of animals that you do or dont cover.


Amy Murphy ✆ to me
show details Jul 13
Hi Dave!

I’m willing to tackle anything if you’ll send me on what you’d like! If you have anything else you want to ask – please do.

Kind regards,
Amy Murphy

davetheminogue ✆ to Amy
show details Jul 13
Amy this is terrific. I’m actually an amateur taxidermist and i have a large selection of old pets, birds and road animals (i hate the term ‘Road Kill’).

Anyhooo, over the past six years or so people have been turning up at my door to have a look at my work (i have over 100 hundred different species). I’m also a bit of a ‘character’ so i think people just love the experience of coming to my home and seeing things like a stuffed wild boar by the fire or the geese at the table. It’s a bit ridiculous i know but i guess it’s just a hobby gone mad.

Anyway i thought it would be great if i had little postcards for the kids to go home with. I had experimented with photographs myself but i dont have the eye for it at all. So i was on http://www.craigslist.org looking for pet photographers and i saw your ad and it just blew me away.

Now it is a bit of project and i dont want the full collection, maybe only 30/40? How would that sound to you? Would it be putting you under too much pressure?


AMY.MURPHY ✆ to me
show details Jul 13
Wow, that sounds amazing! I’m very jealous.

I’d be more than happy to take on as many as you’d like – even if later on you decided you’d like more. It would take me a bit of time – maybe just over a month? Does that sound ok? I’m more than happy to post them over as I have them done, in tens or so, if you’d like. I assume you just need me to send on the originals for you to get them printed as postcards.

While it would probably be best if I kept the sizes of the originals to A4 – just for quality’s sake – because there’s so many I’ll be happy to bring the cost per drawing down to 20 euro, let me know how you feel about that.

If everything’s ok feel free to send on your photos and any specifications you have for each piece – and of course, any more questions you may have.

I look forward to getting to see some of your work!

Kind regards,

dave minogue ✆ to ULStudent:AMY..
show details Jul 13
Amy, while i appreciate your enthusiasm your naivety is a little startling.

I only need them to be about A6.5 and i’d need at least three dozen of each but i couldnt possibly charge families 20€ for a postcard? I dont think i could have even got away with that during the celtic tiger, if ya get me.

Are ya mad Amy?

I’m planning on selling them for 95c each, i’m not looking for a profit so i’d be happy to let you keep the full 95c per card.

Also a month might be a bit too late. The holiday season is at it’s peak during the end of July and the begining of August, so at best i’d need them in 2 weeks….

Warm regards,

Amy Murphy ✆ to me
show details Jul 13
Hi Dave,

I appreciate your sentiment but I’ve done postcards before for venues and such and this is usually how it works

You commission the artist for the piece(s) and pay on completion.
You get the postcards printed.
You get enough printed so that once they’re all sold they either pay for themselves or you make a profit.

I’m sorry but you can’t expect someone whose livelihood is drawing to spend at minimum four hours per piece and only pay them a euro. At best I can offer you quick one hour sketches at five euro a piece.

Kindest Regards,

dave minogue ✆ to Amy
show details Jul 13
I dont mean to sound rude Amy, But are you Fecking Mad?

I just want you to draw me up 30 dozen postcards of my taxidemeried pets. I can bring it down to 30 half a dozen postcards to test the water but seriously Amy, i couldnt get away with the prices your talking about. €20 a card is ridiculous. I could bump it up to €1.50 or €2 a card but J. H. Christ love i’m telling you now, we’ll go broke over night if we charge €20 a card.

Best wishes,

dave minogue ✆ to Amy
show details Jul 17
Hey Amy,

Havent heard from you in a few days, i hope you’re not sick.

Have you had a chance to start on the postcards yet?

Warm wishes,


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