>Stupid Miners.


All those Chileans are about to be freed from the well or whatever. 

It’s kinda inconvenient for me because I was under the distinct impression that they wouldnt be released from the centre of the Earth till Christmas and I was really looking forward to that ‘renewed hope in humanity’ feeling.

Their escape was going to be my Christmas miracle. I was even going to devote my last minute Christmas prayers to them (in hope of getting some good karma induced presents).

It’s a little anti climatic.  I just had a really shit year, ninjavideo.net was taking down, ‘Inception’ was shit and i was forced to clean a filthy shower i never even used, it took like 3 days.  I was really looking forward to those Chileans being freed at Christmas. It was gonna be my pick-me-up for 2011.  I dont think it’s too much to ask for them to stick out another two months in the cave.  

Who ever said they wouldnt be released till Christmas should be fired.  

I don’t know much about mining but this whole thing reminds me of that episode of ‘The Simpsons’ when Bart gets trapped down the well.  It was a great episode starring Sting.  So i guess i like it from that point of view.

Over all i’m just a little disappointed, i think NASA did a shit job at forecasting this.  

If anyone from NASA/NAAS is reading this i have a few questions to ask.

1:  Where do the miners shit and piss?
2:  Did anyone eat anyone else?
3:  Whats the self gratification situation?  Is there a special room for it or is everyone pretending nobodies wanking?

4:  Do you know my uncle Noel?


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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