>Some Douche Wants to Burn the Koran


Let him, i say.

But not really because O’Bama said ‘NOOO, Pastor, No’.

But really, whats the big deal?  You can download the book for free from Project Gutenberg.  In fact i did, then i deleted it because it was Booooring me.  But isnt that the same as burning it?

So why bother?

If it’s just about symbology why cant we just give him more books to burn?

If you think about it, we could completely steal his thunder and burn all the books people love.

The bible, Harry Potter and the Bourne Identity.  Thats all the books i know.  And thats the best sentence i ever wrote.

We could call it ‘Burn the Book You Love Day’ and show that the symbolic act of burning a book is nothing more than a bull shit symbolic act and will never take or destroy the inner contents of the book.

I’m pretty sure that if the myth of God was in any way true that he’s probably too mature to care.  He’s probably more concerned that people think ‘Lost’ was a clever tv show.  Because it was not.

I completely dont believe in God and to be honest i kind of pity those that do ( in my eyes you’re like pets that im very fond of).

The idea that some freak can piss off a bunch of other freaks by burning paper would be funny if it wasn’t poised to endanger innocent American soldiers.

So anyway, i say to even things up we get those three books i know,  burn them and put a video of the symbolic act up on youtube and say ‘Hey Muslims, all these books will somehow manage to exist forever.  Get it?  So relax Muslims and enjoy Ramadan- ps we’re over 9/11…. :)’


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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