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‘I am looking for a very large fish tank, 6-8 even 9 foot long. I would prefer a tank that is drilled for a sump, but do not care too much about a stand. I am really looking for a tank you do not want- price is an issue. Thanks.’

dave minogue ✆ to sale-zb64p-189.
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I have a fish tank, well its not a fish tank per say but it is quite a large glass case.

It’s 6ft long and a foot wide. It’s air tight when the lid is on it so i suppose that goes the same for water?

Where in IRELAND are you?


Mark Breen ✆ to me
show details Aug 24 (1 day ago)

Hello Dave,

I am in kildare,

if it is not a fish tank it will probably not be strong enough to hold a tonne of water. it is probably water tight, but when the tonne of weight went into it, you might fine it became un-air tight – and very un-water tight in about 1 second 🙂

What was it used for previously?

where abouts are you.



dave minogue ✆ to mark.breen
show details 12:36 PM (23 hours ago)

Hi Mark,

I’d say it would be able to handle water. I’m based in KILKENNY.

We had the tank specially built for a world record my son was attempting to break.

Needless to say we’re very anxious to get rid of it.


Hi Dave,

Sounds very interesting, how did he get on?

Would you be able to send me a few photos of it?

If I went down to look at it, do you think we could chance filling it with water? I could bring a pump that would empty it for us afterwards – assuming that it does not empty itself.



dave minogue ✆ to mark.breen
show details 1:16 PM (22 hours ago)

Without going into too much detail, he died.

He was a huge David Blaine fan and he thought he could break his record- the one where he was buried underground. Obviously we werent going to let a 10 year old burry himself underground for several days so we let him go for a few hours at a time, we didnt realise that each time he was doing it he was poisoning himself. He died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

I’m sure theres pictures somewhere but to be honest i’m not very comfortable with sharing them.

You’re more than welcome to come down and fill it etc.


Mark Breen ✆ to me
show details 1:32 PM (22 hours ago)

Hello Dave,

I am terribly sorry to hear that, I really really am.

I had a berivement in 2003, which was not as close as you have experienced, but it was tragic also – I can only repeat, I am terribly sorry to hear about your son.

Let me think about the tank, it is not an ideal fish tank, and may not even work at all, I will ask a few experts and let you know.

I will treat your experience with total privacy, and again, I want to say I am terribly sorry.

My Dad died in Oct ’96 and I still miss him every day, I know you will be the same.

I find it comforting somtimes, to know that people think of my Dad many years later, I hope that might be some comfort to you in the future.

Next time I ride my motorcycle in Asia I will wait for a quiet moment and think of your son,


dave minogue ✆ to mark.breen
show details 4:20 PM (19 hours ago)

That sounds really NICE Mark.

We’re very anxious to get rid of it. It’s been over a week now and we just want to start moving on with our lives.

Hopefully they will let me and Frank adopt again.

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