>Sick to my Dick.


One of the great things about being human is the ability to share stories.
It’s our unique selling point if you will.
No other creatures can do it as well as us. It could be argued that the entirety of human evolution has been centered around our ability to communicate. Communication and social evolution have gone hand in hand.
The past hundred years and more particularly the past 20-30 years has seen such a radical and acceleration in our ability to communicate, that the ability to communicate and connect with people is often over bearing.
The majority of human knowledge is effectively at our finger tips. This a huge and significant event that will change the course of history in the future when people are reading about history in history ebooks.
One of the greatest techniques we have developed to share knowledge is story telling. We’ve probably told stories since before we were even eligible to be considered human. The greatest thing about stories is their ability to deal with complex issues.
A story is a shared experience. It creates understanding and offers insight into the minds of others. Brings us to worlds and epochs that can be simultaneously so far removed from what we know or so close to home the can strike nerves that resonate for life. They connect and bind us.
A story is a celebration of humanity.
The past hundred and fifty years or so has seen a burst of new and brilliant creative tools to share stories.
Film, Radio, Television, Internet, Photography, New Papers, Animation, Computers, Pornography.
Effectively; new methods beyond our memories to record, retain and broadcast these moments, whatever they may be.
Every time we create something new, someone tries to stop it.
Greed and ignorance are societies biggest enemies and always have been.
The church never wanted you to learn to read because you might ask questions it cant answer. Like is God a dickhead?
Music companies didn’t want their music broadcast on the radio because they thought you wouldn’t buy their records or that you’d discover that Bono is a douche bag.
Everytime something is created which can perpetuate social evolution, to make society a more learned and fairer environment, somewhere there is some douche is trying their damn hardest to destroy it.
Imagine if Martin Luthor King had never been televised hammering the diet of Worms onto the door.
I joke about Madeline McCann A LOT but imagine the loneliness and despair that that couple would’ve suffered if nobody heard their story?
Today ninjavideo.net was murdered down from the internet.
Ninjavideo may have hosted a lot of insignificant crap, like Toy Story 3- but thats not the point. The point is we’re losing a battle to share our stories.
If you tell the story once, its no longer yours.
If you broadcast it once it belongs to everyone.
The oppression of free will never wins and hopefully someday this argument will be archaic and forgotten about.
I’m not so naive to think that this is the only argument to be made on this but i believe this will be the historical philosophical point of view and i dont want to be historically incorrect.
Is it right to live in an ethically unjust world because the economics are wrong?
I’ve watched a lot of great television, films and documentaries on ninjavideo.net it’s provided me with stories i would never have heard about if it didnt exist. A lot of those stories have genuinely shaped the way i think and view life.
I think this is important and i think this is very sad.

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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