>12 Things You Should Do Today

>1: Get over yourself.

2: Get out of bed.
3: Discover new music.
4: Turn your fridge into a provocative multi functional art installation and invite your skinny jeans friends around for sandwiches.
5: Pick a random house and start cutting their grass.
6: While eating an apple go to the doctor and tell him to suck it.
7: Ask your parents how long they waited to do it when they first started going out.
8: Buy an eclectic assortment of magazines then cut them up and make your own post modern magazine and try sell it to your best friend.
9: Break a window and then blame an immigrant.
10: Go to a fancy restaurant and keep asking every table are they ‘ok for drinks?’ and when the maitre d asks you what your doing insist that its ok because your volunteering.
11: Write an essay in crayon on the pro’s and cons of racism and staple it to the doors of all your friends.
12: Ring 999 and scream ‘Murder’ and when the police arrive point and laugh at how stupid they are for falling for it.

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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