>10 Reasons Why You Should Have That Abortion:


Wondering what to do?
Well let me, Dave Minogue, help you with your decision.
Here follows 10 brilliant reasons why you should ABORT ABORT ABORT.
1: You’re kid will probably piss me off.
2: Considering how ugly most people are, it is most likely your kid will be as ugly as you.
3: The world is over populated.

4: The only people who will love your kids as much as you are priests.
5: Our generation and the generation before us have made it so the world will be quite an inhospitable place to live….For A Reason.
6: By time your kids are teenagers there will probably be a Razor Light revival and that kinda scares me.
7: The guy who spurted his beans in your lady nest probably doesnt want it either. He’s just being sound.

8: Most people are idiots and chances are their off spring will be as idiotic as them.
9: The ‘Children of Men’ London kinda seemed like a cool place to live.
10: You could probably do with a long weekend away.

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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