>14 Vocations i’m considering


Since giving up blogging for good i’ve been thinking about what else i could be…here’s a list of what i got so far…
1: An adventure capitalist.
2: A pediatrist
3: A butterfly.
4: A Fashion Blogger…i think this is the logical next step.
5: A local hero.
6: A superficially discriminate breasticular cancer inspector.
7: An olive oil connoisseur.
8: A security guard in a Michael Moore documentary refusing him entry to a building because he forgot to book an appointment to see the CEO- yet again.
9: The poster boy for Clearasil.
10: A renegade homicide detective.
11: A columnist for the daily mail.
12: Stunt double for Optimus Prime/ a cepticon assassin.

13: A surrogate father.
14: A white supremacy lobbyist.

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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