>Dave vs UPC

>Sometimes the best way of dealing with peeps is by being slightly ridiculous….but fuck it, if it works….

Dear UPC,

I’m fed up of you writing to me telling me i owe you money.

I instructed you via telephone in August 2009 not to renew my contract come its end in September 2009.

Which you failed to do.

When you continued to charge me for the service which was not being provided to me (UPC workers came to Thomas court, Dublin 8, and disconnected the service and established a new service for the new coming residence) i tried ringing you and asked you to email me.

You didnt email me and you only rang after i was forced to cancel my direct debit to you when all of a sudden you cared.

Please stop annoying me with your ridiculous pursuit of these alleged over due fees. As there has been no service provided to my account since august 2009 i have no idea what you are trying to charge me for. In fact you owe me money.

Look dude, I’m no legal technician but i’m pretty sure my contract was; my money for an internet service as opposed to; you annoying me with letters because of a systematic failure of communication that you employ with your customers.

There has been plenty of anecdotal evidence in the media and by word of mouth on how difficult it is to end business with you…so basically what i mean is; I’m pretty sure you fucked up, not me.

Its likely all of this can be backed up by a simple fact checking on your part.

Anyway, deep down i’m sure you’re a reasonable person.

Love and Bubbles,

Anyway, sexy ruth from the legal department took my case and it’s all sorted…..i asked her out on a steamy date….i’ve yet to hear back from her..


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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One Response to >Dave vs UPC

  1. Mark Dunne says:

    >Hahaha! Steamy date, is that when you go to a steam room for dinner?

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