>Forbidden Snow

>There is something quite gratifying about building a snow man.

There’s something even more gratifying about building one illegally.
As anyone with an internal nervous system will tell you; the northern hemisphere on the planet Earth has been witness to quite a severe chill for the past several weeks.
In Ireland, such temperatures have never been tested on my generation. It hasnt been this fuckin cold in over forty years.
We never get snow, if we get snow it’s usually pissed away by lunch time and it probably happened on a Tuesday…. while you were in school…and you wouldnt be allowed out to play at lunch time either….pricks.
But not this year. This year it snowed so fuckn good. So fuckin good this bull shit country came to a stand still. They had to close the schools for an extra week. Genius.
It’s been great. Everywhere looks fantastic.
In Kilkenny we’re pretty damn lucky to have a huge medieval castle with a kick ass park area behind it.
Our summers are defined by this place.
You go up there in late April, Early May and you will see hordes of teenagers flipping the bird to reality on a five fingered break from school.
It’s a staple part of growing up in this town.
Your parents bring you there as a child to feed the ducks and play on the swings and roll down the hill.
You play Frisbee with your friends.
You chillax for hours, days, weeks on end.
You finger young ones.
So what happens when we receive the most epic snow fall of our generation?
They close the fuckin park.

But to be fair, if they hadn’t’ve closed the park, we wouldn’t have had that midnight winter wonderland all to ourselves.

Sometimes, you have to grow up to be child.

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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3 Responses to >Forbidden Snow

  1. ludmilla says:

    >"sometimes u have to grow up to be a child" priceless.

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