>Fuck It.

>Blasphemy laws are bull shit.

Ireland brought one into effect on friday.
I had a big long blog wrote, dealing with the issue but as a youth worker i felt this one might come back to haunt me.
But i do feel that i should be able to say somethings and not have to suffer any consequences from any mortal being or institution.
I should be able to say that Jesus liked getting spitroasted by Moses and Muhammad.
I should also be able to say stuff like how Mary Christ was date raped by Donald Duck. Thats right; Disneys Donald Duck Used Date Rape to get Dick Deep in Marys Dick Cupboard.
Or that Jesus was in with a bunch of nazi youths and they actively broke windows on Krystal Nacht.
Or how Moses had Alzheimer’s and thats why it took 40 years to cross the desert. Because he was a senile old bastard and shat himself regularly while bringing some retarded jews across a desert.
Or sand-nigger…but thats more racist than blasphemous…forget that one.
If those butt fucking kiddie fiddlers can tell me he died for my sins i should be allowed say Jesus Christ took it on all fours and loved it.
It’s not just, that a bunch of fairy tales can hold so much authority over society.
Fine; believe in god and jesus and muhammad and moses and what other bull shit figment of your imagination that you need to sleep better at night but, for god’s sake, at the very least keep that shit to yourself.

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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10 Responses to >Fuck It.

  1. >God is my penis. Every time you pray, you're praying to my penis.

  2. beano says:

    >ur probably right , if there was a god surely u wouldnt be alive

  3. >Beano sounds like a compassionate christian.And annoymous's witty comment about my small dick has been removed

  4. Anonymous says:

    >Ha ha! Small Dick! Small Dick!

  5. beano says:

    >and you sound like a dickhead who has a bizzare mized up image of himself as a humerous intellectual but in fact from reading that blog anyone can see you have the sense of humour of a 15 year old schoolboy whos desperately trying to get attention by being "mad" and contraversial by using pathetic sexual references that even a 15 year old with half a brain would more than likey cringe at. dont give up your day job , oh wait , you probably dont have one , unless sitting on your fat arse watching cartoons and eating hunkie dories is a job now. your laughable, but not in the way you try to be

  6. Anonymous says:

    >He has a small dick too Beano!

  7. >First off, your paraphrasing my mother, badly. Secondly, if your gonna call me retarded do a spell check first.And thirdly, regardless of the size of my penis; it's still god and holy bread is my sperm and every time you go to mass, you're going to temples built to worship my dick and chew on my sperm.And at night, when you tell you're kids to pray to god, they're praying to my dick. And that bible you worship is a huge book about how my penis will save you…once you let it inside you.

  8. John D says:

    >Blasphemy! Haven't you fools read the commandments? That shall not bear false cocks before Dave's cock. Dave, Your cock is why I go to mass. I rest on my knees for your cock, and yours alone. x

  9. >John, my son, may my dick always be deep within you.

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