>RIP Supermacs

>Here we go, in reverse chronological order, my top 6 Supermacs moments;

Blurred events, delicious curried chips and probably a chicken burger.
Blurred events, too many people in line so i went home hungry.

Some dickhead being a dickhead to a girl i never really knew but knew her face. I don’t know if it was the dutch courage, the curried chips and burger or the six bigger guys who had my back But something that day, made stand up to that Biff Tannen wannabe bastard and say ‘You better give that shit up hombre… or else…’
Some might call me a hero… No, i’m no hero. But everyone’s entitled to their opinions. That’s what democracy is all about.
Chatting up some teenage girls… its cool, it’s legal when you’re 14 too…at least that’s what my fake ID says.
My first day of secondary school; me and some other preteen youths enjoying some chicken burger meals. When along came some fat sixth year bollix to bully out some of his insecurities. I forget exactly how it went down but he didnt care much for my quick wit. One thing lead to another and i ended up flooring him with a spiffing sized seven new school shoe to the sack*.
Naturally he chased me all the way down high street and through the market cross in pursuit of vengeance. I lost him by throwing on a disguise (sunglasses).
Me and my sister Carol sitting at the Sunday bar enjoying hot chocolate sundays with nuts on top.
RIP Supermacs; you have burnt a hole in the heart of this town and your presence will be eye sorely missed.
Ps thanks for the photo Eoin
*I was 12, i now wear a mans sized 7.

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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