>10 Wishes for Chrishmas

>1: I wish for peace and goodwill- but only to the Na’vi- humanity can go fuck itself….I cant BELIEVE we destroyed the mother earth and now we’re planning on destroying Pandora? Fuck no i say, hence why i’m wasting my first wish on giant sexy Smurfs.

2: I wish that the Carlow cinema would go FUCK itself.
3: I wish they would hurry up and mainstream wireless electricity– i HATE plugs.
4: I wish it could be Christmas every second Thursday.
5: I wish for a Hover board.
6: I wish every time i saw a rainbow it snowed rountree random jellys.
7: I wish i had a gun.
8: I wish i starred in a film called ‘Dave Saves Christmas’
9: I wish at holloween i could turn myself inside out and survive.
10: I wish i had a magic lamp with a genie inside

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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