>My Letter to Santa 2

>Dear Santa,

Hate to be a pain, but i wrote to you almost over a week ago, by over a week ago i mean Sunday.
The reason i write again is because you didnt (bother?) replying. The thing is Santa, i need that fuckin hover board.
I really cant tell you why but i fuckin need it man.
You better fuckin deliver it. There’s no reason why i dont deserve it.
I donated blood for fucks sake, BLOOD. That makes me a fuckin hero.
There’s plenty of little shit faced fat kids that get loads of presents and all im asking for is a skateboard that has no wheels but moves around via magnetic forces.
I also need €3000.
Dont be a cunt and write back.

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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3 Responses to >My Letter to Santa 2

  1. Santa Claus says:

    >Dave you little shit, Can you even comprehend how busy I am, you are grown man (well I think you are, bizarre that you penis is still toddler size, but I mean you shave) and you should be ashamed of yourself, I'll not be donating €3000 to your rectum transplant surgery. I warned you last year that buggery would lead to bad things. Stop with the gay sex.About the hover board, doesn't exist.Your a CUNT!Santa Claus…

  2. Mark Dunne says:

    >Way to piss off Santa, Dave! Hope you haven't fucked up Christmas for the rest of us…

  3. >Thats not Santa.Santa, as a youth worker, would never use the words 'penis' and 'toddler' in the same sentence.He also wouldnt use an exclamation mark. This is some punk fucking with everyones mind

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