we made a short the other week, this is her here…

We’re working on more and hope to have one out every week….which i can tell you right now that its most likely not going to happen..but we’ll try.
And if anybody has any idea’s/scripts/wants to take part feel free to contact us at thanklessfilms@gmail.com and we’ll see what happens.
We might catch a meal and a drink? Shit, did that sound like a date? Lets just play it by year, see what happens. No point rushing these things. I love you.
We’re working under the pretense that we’re never going to say thanks or mention anyone in the shorts so i’ll just say who i’m definitely not going to thank…
I’m not going to thank Der Tobin or Hazel Fahy. Never.
I’m not gonna thank alan dawson for sound
Nor am i gonna thank Colm
Anyway its based on real events. Der’s a perv

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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One Response to >"Collusion"

  1. Mark Dunne says:

    >Effing Hilarious. Was not expecting that twist in the tail.

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