>An Open Letter to Thierry Henry


Hey Thierry,
Did you ever wake up and wonder ‘…is this the same universe i went to sleep in last night?’
Well i’m pretty sure that the universe i find myself in today is very definitely not the same as the one from last night.

I know i havent even left the room yet, nor am i dressed and should probably conduct some physics experiment to make sure but really, I dont need to.
A gaze through my window and its evident enough that Kansas isn’t in Kilkenny anymore.
Its not your typical alternate universe where doughnuts fall from the sky or Gwyneth Paltrow doesnt die, its the kind of universe where everything is the exact same….but seemingly different.
But if everything is the exact same then it really cant be different.
But if a lived life is subjective and there is a shift in the subjectivity then perhaps it has altered somewhat.
According to Buddhist lore (do Buddhist’s call it lore?) ;
‘If a man walks across a room, he returns a different man’
Great Scotts Henry! I walked across my room several times already today.
I probably dont even know who i am anymore.
My finger nails are too long.
I’ve got that song ‘Stacey’s Mom’ looped in my head.
My mouth has dry mouth.
The apocalypse is outside.
My anus is itchy.
Eliza McLoughlin has jumped 6 points over night.

Who the fuck is this person? Who is he who i am? And what fucking space time continuum is he who i am in?
Anyway, our campaign to have Karen Reidy kicked out of Europe is going well. We just need more people to vote her out. Could you ask the French soccer team to vote? Here’s the link.
Best wishes,
Ps Hope the match went well for you. I didnt get a chance to watch it as i was watching something else.

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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