>Help Me Kick Karen Reidy Out of Ireland.

>Hi, how are you?

Great, great. Listen, shut up for a minute, i need a favour.
I need your help.
There’s this girl, Karen Reidy, she doesn’t like me, and i dont like her but thats fine.
But i’ve found a cunning way of getting her kicked out of the country but i need YOUR help.
(Yes, i am the type of ass hole that uses opportunities to have people he doesn’t like kicked out of the country)
Seemingly she’s entered a competition and if she wins they fuck her off to some war torn impoverished country to feed them or some shit (who cares right?).
It’s almost like some genie popped out of a lamp and was like;
“Hey buddy, want a wish?”
and i was like
“Yeah dude, i’d love one. I wish-“
“- Whoa, Hold on dude, there’s some rules; You get one wish but it has to be about Karen Reidy.”
“Dude, are you fucking serious? What kinda wish is that? She’s like my Arch Enemy and shit.”
“Thems the rules dude.”

“Fine, send her to Uganda or some other hole to fall in, fucking waste of a wish man”
“For real? You wouldn’t wish to like fuck her up the ass or something?”
“Nah, just send her to Uganda and be done with it”
Well anyway that wish has Finally come true. Well almost.
She’s in a competition to go over there and do shit to help or whatever.
The way i figure it is this;
Its a win win situation. We all benefit from this. All of us.
Uganda gets fed.
You feel good for sending someone over because lets face it;
If your name isn’t Eddie Brennan– your probably not going to do shit about Uganda, ever.
Karen gets to live her dream breast feeding Africa.
The Ugandans get a white girl of their own.
And i get to live in an Ireland knowing that Karen’s not around.
How cool is that?
Trust me, we’re better off without her.
Here’s what i need you to do;
I need you to click this link…. here I know i’ve asked people to click stuff before and about 90% haven’t but seriously i’m trying to save Africa. Click the link.
You dont even have to bother watching her video/pitch – Trust me, she deserves this. (Besides, the production value is terrible)
Click the link under the video saying vote for Karen and then pray to fucking jesus or muhamad or whatever it is you believe in (I pray to Jerry Seinfeld) pray that he sends her the fuck out of this country.
And also, if you could do me the added favour of asking your friends to vote too I’d really appreciate it.
Put it on your facebook/twitter/blog/tshirt anything.
Lets Get Rid of Karen Reidy Together (LGRKRT)!
Ps the other people in the competition sound like bigger knobs but you know the saying ‘Keep your enemies closer than you keep Karen Reidy’.
Dave Minogue

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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3 Responses to >Help Me Kick Karen Reidy Out of Ireland.

  1. karen says:

    >Bring it, Minogurt! Just BRING IT!!! thanks so much for encouraging people to vote without actually watching the video – the production values are indeed DEPLORABLE!! i had half an hour to do something with no equipment before the deadline closed – state! but at least i didn't resort to talking about my broken jaw or my tea drinking addiction.Please send me to a warn torn country people away from dave mingoue FOREVER!! i promise i'll go for good this time and be kidnapped & forced into an arranged marriage – chance would be a fine thing~!! vote for me if you have two seconds of internet browsing time to spare -0 THANK YOU!! cheers dave (you total c~*k!) xxx

  2. >***Don't be fooled by the comments left by Karen Reidy***** She is an evil, evil woman who does not belong in the first world at all.I guarantee you that she wrote that comment through clenched teeth.Fuck You Karen.

  3. lamstock says:

    >Dave I'm afraid i'm a little turned on by this Karen Reidy girl just by your description… evil women are the best in bed. I'd definitely hit that.

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