>Babysitting…Minogue style…

I dont want to say my mother isnt good at raising children…but i think this picture taken of my nephew under the care of my mother, kinda begins to explains why i turned out the way i did.

A lot of you probably dont know this but…I’m short sighted.
That was tough to admit.
I need glasses.
It’s my hidden shame.
I dont wear them because i dont actually believe in the use of perscription glasses or drugs.
Also, glasses are for NERDS.
Anyway, my vision isnt that impaired. I just have trouble reading the number 11 on clocks. Recognising faces. Reading road signs. The colours green and orange, twilight, mornings and Sundays. It’s kinda hard to explain how being shorted sighted affects my Sundays and mornings but it does, believe me, it does.
Anyway please dont call the ISPCA on my ma. She’s really good with Ryan… especially after her second glass of wine and before her 7th. So from 12- 6 every day she is really good with kids.
And i’m pretty sure Ryan’s mother, Carol, is a good mother too…if she was ever around.

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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