>The Hangover.


The fear encroached my existence yesterday.

That all pervasive fear and despair fell down my spine and crutched my soul.
The night before was the demon that slayed me.
That over priced mead which had enriched me the previous night, had broken me for the day.

There was no soothing thought, there was no moment of relief, the day lived a thousand centuries and i died not one of them. I burned in the fiery pits of Dante’s inferno, two doors down from the gates of Mordor.
I wept for salvation.
But she fought me on every turn.
I was too weak to battle her. Sleep was my only weapon and time was my shield.
Let me sleep she did not.

Barking her ring in my ear.
Screaming her death in my face.
Burning my demons in my eyes.
Throwing my lines up to a shitty bleached pond.
With the echo of empty moments crashing and thrashing about through all rationality.
A scorched soul i lay, on my bed, all that day.
As darkness drew around,
I waited some more.
I made oath after oath, never to return.
Never again to wage a war over my soul.
Never again to gamble so recklessly with the nectar of the gods.
Then finally, a moment passed where i knew she no longer wished to suckle away on my mortal spirit no more. Her fill had been filled and i was left for empty.
She had taken all she could and left me a pitiful creature.
She left me with only the dregs of humanity. Which i tenderly us

ed as kindle to ignite a spark of life back into this empty vessel.

After that i was grand. Was fuckin starvin though.

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About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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