>Racist Much?

Look, this is gonna be my third political blog in so many weeks (must look what that saying means) but i for one am fed up of all this Obama bashing.

If you bash Obama, thats bashing a black man, which makes it a hate crime.
So stop.
The guy is trying to kill nuclear boom booms.
Finally the cold war could end…
A triumph that not even the late great Christopher Reeves can lay claim to.

The cold war crippled Christopher Reeves.
What happened was; Christopher Reeves and Gorbachev decided to say ‘Fuck this’ to nukes and throw them at the sun- the biggest star in our solar system.
Little did they know that Lex Luthor, a bald peoples rights activist, had spunked onto some of Christopher Reeves’ hair and sneakily hid them on a nuke. Because of science the sun ended up giving birth to a Gay German Uber Man and they ended up having a big fight on the moon.
True story.

Evidently the Gay German Uber Man threw an elevator on Christopher- which turned him into a quadriplegic.
Anyway, in my opinion, chocolate Jesus deserves that golden noble

peace prize because he’s gonna do what Superman could never do, kill Russia. And all you people who say otherwise are text book examples of what it means to be a Nazi.

Anyway, thats it, if you like my blog or this post please show your gratis by clicking one of the ads under the post, it gives me money and costs you nothing. It’d be awfully sound of you.

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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