>Are You Serial?

>Here’s something that really pisses me off;

Several people have come up to me to talk about the referendum, which is cool. It’s always nice to be engaged into socially relevant conversations.
What isn’t nice is people saying proudly that they voted No, acting defiant and using the excuse that they didn’t know enough about it to say otherwise. That my friends, is bull shit and an insult to democracy. Freedom of expression is of no use to anyone if you don’t know how to use it.
Besides a vote isn’t an expression of freedom. It’s a question posed with an a/b/c answer.
If you dont know; then dont vote no. No or yes is a decision, not an indecision. Don’t vote or at least spoil it. Enough spoilt votes count.
If your still unsure please just read up on it. There is plenty of information out there.
The arguments for a yes vote may seem weak; but thats because its comparable to a haircut, or a getting a new phone, or updating the software on your computer- you might not necessarily need it right now; but you will, soon.
The ‘if it’s not broke- don’t fix it’ logic doesn’t sell. It’s very hard to argue why you should make slight changes when something is apparently working well. But thats not the point, it’s a future proofing of sorts, to enable us to make more progress in more efficient and wide spread ways.
You do it to maintain the health of the system.
The ‘No’ campaign is neo conservatism passing itself off as liberalism. It’s making fools of the listener playing on their fears and decent sensibilities. All you have to do is look at who is funding their campaign and the people that are leading the support for the No vote.

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I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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