>September 11th; What Really Happened?

>There i was, sitting in Mrs Kings pass Irish class. It was a Tuesday as you’ll remember, I had just returned from a merry lunch in Master Morton’s bedroom*.

Everything was as it should be. Mrs King was trying to control the class, Matty Gargan was regurgitating his lunch into the bin. He suffered from bulimia, a disease that haunts many young men his age. Life was jolly and gay.

into the room and proclaimed that the World Trade Centre had a little accident with a plane.
The class went crazy. We didnt know what was going on. Who would do this? What was the world trade centre?
Rumours kept surfacing throughout the afternoon. Nobody would tell us anything. I tried checking my phone but it was in the days before internet on your phone worked. We did have internet on phones (mine didnt actually) but it wasnt called
internet on your phone back then. No sir. It was called WEP/WAP. Either way it was shit. You see, back then internet was written in a different code. A code designed for PC screens and it didnt translate on a phone screen accurately. Whats transpired since then is that internet language has evolved so that web pages aren’t a certain amount of pixels high or wide but rather written to occupy a certain percentage of your screen.
So for example, this blog is arranged that the text is designed to be say 60% of your screen wide. So if you were on an iphone/psp/ a dell inspiron, it would always be 60% wide, regardless of the size of your screen.

However, back then we still had cathode tubes in the back of our tv and pc screens and by in large most screens were of a very similar size. So the need for this new web language was still a good deal in the future. Not that far actually, as i’m sure you’ve noticed, technology has, and is, developing at an unprecedented rate and who knows when the next language for website design could be developed.
We sat through that afternoon in a terrified ignorance. There were rumours

that more planes had attacked the towers and that that the cold war had started back up, that the U.S’s own government had orchestrated everything and that john morton and
paddy dunne were in love. They were the three main rumours i remember.
Maths class, at around five to four, just as the day was about to end, we got the information we had been looking. The information we would never forget.
Principal Curren, (or DA Curren to the school yard) disrupted the class via the intercom.
He didnt say anything.
He held the microphone up to the radio. Radio one i believe.
All i could hear were the people crying and screaming. “Oh my god there’s another one!??!” and then a bunch of screams and then the radio jockey declared that America was under attack.
I looked across at Mick Minogue. He’d wet his pants.
All i remember is not being able to breathe, and the dust. The dust in Mr Shanahan’s class. My sinus’s were so blocked.
Then a sullen Mr Curren took control of the microphone;
‘…the world has gone mad lads….. go home to ye’re mothers’.
We walked out those gates scared. Scared little school boys trying to find their way in a mans world.
I remember seeing Mrs. Ryan (or MA Ryan to the school yard) sitting in her green ford fiesta, her knuckles clenched white to the steering wheel. Her face aghast with shock, shaking her head in a fit of denial. It was soooo funny. She did the same thing when the foot and mouth broke out the previous February.
We went down to the Arcade, or maybe it was Sherwoods, we wanted to see what was going on. The images were shocking. We stood watching the towers been struck and destroyed on several really big tv’s. The panic and the mayhem.
Matty Gargan’s phone rang, it was his mother. All i remember was him moving aside from the group and hearing;
‘Yeah, I’m all right mam…I’m no where near it’.
Then i went home and hid under my bed till i was sure it was ok to come back out…on September 12th.
*We ate cock for lunch

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I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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3 Responses to >September 11th; What Really Happened?

  1. Mick Minogue says:

    >"All i remember is not being able to breathe, and the dust. The dust in Mr Shanahan's class. My sinus's were so blocked."BEST EVER!!!!!! DFunniest shit i ever did hear!!!

  2. John Morton says:

    >It was the arcade. And the oul cunt hunted us off so we wouldn't point and marvel.And then Martin Doheny bought new runners in Elvery's Sports.And boy did we eat cock for lunch.But not Paddy's cock, no. That was in my future.We truly became men that day. And dossed study after school.

  3. >Ahh, i thought it was the arcade…i just couldnt remember the tv shop so i presumed i was wrong.I forgot about Martins shoe purchase…fuck. An integral part of the tragic events that unfolded on september 11th.

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