>Things I’d Like to Do Today But are Most Likely Not Going to Happen:

>1: Write 10 blogs.

2: Eat sushi.

3: Kill a wild endangered animal.

4: Go Camping.

5: Find Madeline McCann.

6: Not be an ass hole.

7: Learn a musical instrument.

8: Achieve financial security.

9: Achieve anything.

10: Kill cancer.

11: Get addicted to and recover from substance abuse.

12: Write a self help book and have Oprah RAVE about it.

13: Figure out what i dont like about twitter.

14: Lose 10lbs

15: Write a letter to the Minister for Finance and explain why NAMBLA isnt going to work and suggest several alternatives and then bone Mary Hannifan.

16: Number 15 again.

17: Teach Dublin people how to drive.

18: Bone Michael Jackson’s kids…see how he likes it.

19: Make delicious soup from scratch.

20: Invent something that everyone needs and donate the royalties to a charity (snicker).

21: Buy new shoes.

…thats it i think…..

22: World peace.

23: Perform euthanasia.

24: Give blood.


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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