>Lessons on Love

>I want to talk about love if i may.

Love. What is love exactly? Who knows?

Not I. Not you. Not he nor she or that he-she in the corner.

Love is intangible.

But it exists.

That over there, that is the beautiful portrait of my first ever encounter with Love.

His name was Weston. Weston St. Clair.

Our tryst was a romantic emotional whirl wind with the physical passion of that 2004 tsunami.

I was 13, sitting in my local cocktail bar (Cleeres!), minding my own business…and maybe hustling older men for strawberry daiquirys, i wont tell you how! Figure it out for yourslef :p

He wandered up to me like a curious wolf.

He introduced himself in his gravelly high pitched voice;

‘Weston. Weston St. Clair’.

He was a traveling sales man from Carlow, he was in town trying to sell stuff. Being 13, i’d never heard such an exotic story.

Anyway we got talking. He told me about his van, and the places he’d seen, the people he’d met. The stories. The stories.

I dunno if it was the man or the stories i fell in love with. I dont think i cared.

We took a walk; a walk through life. He introduced me to his van, his van’s name was Tweeter. Then he introduced me to love.

We dated for 16 long months, i’m not going to delude myself; they weren’t all happy memories. Things weren’t easy, especially with Weston on the road 6 days and 5 nights a week. Weston’s career as a traveling beeper sales man took a turn for the worst when the beeper sector bubble burst.

Anyway all good things have to come to an end. I decided to break up with Weston right after his funeral.

It seemed like the perfect chance for both of us to go our separate ways without any hard feelings.

I miss Weston dearly. I think about him daily. First thing in the morning and twice before bed.

Steven Morton, my very dear and closest friend, confidant if you will, has been inquiring about my book. It’s still a long way off but i thought i’d share an excerpt with you. This piece was taken from chapter 11 ‘Lessons on Love’. The book itself is semi autobiographical, semi erotic fantasy, semi semi.

I guess you could say it’s a murder mystery novel that would fit into the chic lit section.

My dream is for Oprah to recommend it. That would be amazing. I kind of see the whole thing as a self help book for the broken hearted. Actually if any of your vital organs were broke, i think this book would seriously help reduce the brokeness.

The book is called ‘Feng Shui My Heart’ and should be out in time for Christmas (!)


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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One Response to >Lessons on Love

  1. Oss237 says:

    >I've been waiting for this book my whole life!Thank you Dave… and thank you Weston St. Clair… for teaching him how to love!

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