Me and Ross Costigan have made a short film. 
We started work on this about 5 months ago. It was a very tough and long process. We went through about 8 drafts of the script before we were happy enough to sign off and move on. Then came casting. We had auditioned so many people but know one could pull off that pissed off look as good as Ross. Likewise when it came to goofy fuck heads none could beat Mr Minogue (me).

We had to hire 6 black ’99 volkswagon polo’s for the stunts, 12 stunt men to drive the cars, 2 caterers, 9 women and a tech crew as long as a really long analogy. 
We had originally planned for the car to flip over and smash Ross. But there was insurance issues…. namely we had none. We spent all our insurance money on Ross’s wardrobe.

Ross likes to do his own stunts. Which was a problem for me because it made him seem manlier than me to the women we hired.  Anyway, after we got over our ‘tiff’ we were 4 months behind schedule and €12k over budget (i brought him to court for being a WANKER).
Then came the shoot. Dun Dun DUUUUH!!!! It went fine. Then Ross edited and processed the film (shot on IMAX dont you know?) and i got on with my life. Settled down, had a kid or two (that i know of!!! lol). Bought a lake and rented a house boat and sailed around the lake. Ross is now in training for the Olympics- not really, i dont know what he’s up to. We havent talked in years. He’s still pissed that i sued him.
Anyway we’re working on other stuff so expect to see that in May 2011. 
Read Ross’s blog to find out what he made of the shoot.

About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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One Response to >TURN AROUND!

  1. Oss237 says:

    >Dave, if I could just remind you that the courts ordered you to stop blogging about me!? =P

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