>RIP Birds


Roisín found a dead bird on the ground. She came running into class and begged me to come quickly- probably because she thinks I’m Jesus and expected some Lazarus shit.

How wrong she was. My first thought was ‘idiot bird’. My second thought was ‘i should get my camera’. My third thought was ‘fuck roisín’.

Anyway by time i came back, with my camera; another had fallen victim to gravity and died.

Actually it was still alive at the time of the photograph.

As i was taking the photograph, a fat knacker girl came up to me.

I dunno if she was a knacker because she’s fat or fat because shes a knacker, either way i blame her parents. She asked me if those two birds were real.

‘Yes’ was my answer, ‘kinda cool huh?’

‘Uhuh’ she said as she whipped out her camera phone and snapped her own shot. Then she strolled on to Burger King (probably).

I came back to the hub and started importing my pictures. Liam told me that two guys in masques were spraying poison in one of the old buildings earlier today. Allegedly they get paid loads to do this.

So exterminator guys, if you’re reading, congratulations. Job well done.

Ps I’m listening to the ‘Beatles’ song ‘Penny Lane’ i love the key change in the middle, so uplifting.


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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2 Responses to >RIP Birds

  1. Anonymous says:

    >ummmm thats fucking gross

  2. Mark Dunne says:

    >Yum, looks like KFC.

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