>Open letter to my non tax compliant landlord.

>Dear Landlord,

You must have previously mistaken me and pam for two retards.

You must think that you can simply ask us to roll over and fuck us and we will comply.

The fact that one of us figured out that you were evading tax scum and leaving us open and liable to cover the cost, clearly indicates that at least one of us is not a fucktard.

We would counter argue that you’re a HUGE spastic. Sure it’s not the most mature counter argument but it definitely is the best because you clearly are a HUGE spastic.

‘We consider the issue closed’ is the classic catch phrase of a HUGE spastic.

There’s a picture of the cover of your autobiography.

But it’s wrong, you’re not fantastic. IT should read “HUGE Spastic”

I’m totally not paying rent for the next couple of months.

So fuck you…?

If this bothers you in any way i sincerely apologise and will gladly offer you my cock to suck on.

Treat it like your mothers breast if you will.

Go on suck it, you’ll like it.

You can call me moma too.

Yours sincerely,



Ps if you think for a second that i wouldnt live here out of spite; you are grossly mistaken sir. I am a petty, petty little man.


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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