>Mannix Flynn

>This guys a legend.

I’ve decided to change the blog colour scheme which is souly inspired by Mannix Flynns local election poster*.

It’s fuckin class. I dunno why, its just so bold but in a really modest way. Like a toasted banana sandwhich.

And inspiring (creatively…I just really like the fuckn poster).

Then i googled this guy and it turns out he really is a legend.

So yeah, here we go and there he is.

And if your in the local electoral looking up candidates mood check out this guy.

Erik Eblana, weirdly ‘Eblana’ is an irish name.

He does politics and burlesque poetry (i dont really know what that means…….yet).

And if you want to see a hot-wanna-be-local-councilor check this girl out. Maria Parodi.

But i wager you that up close; that’s a lot of teeth. Which is kind of a lousy thing to say.

*Will change the colour scheme later. Maybe.


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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