>A Serious Blog

>I dont like to get too serious on this blog, in fact it was designed with only one purpose; to (try) make people laugh.

Thus far the feedback has been generally pretty good and a muchous kudous to those who threw some kudous my way. It’s muchous appreciatous…my spanish sucks.

But lately, the past few months especially, i’ve been learning a few life lessons i probably should’ve learned about 12 years ago…on my 13th birthday.

And the lessons? Namely;

Dont rely on anyone.
What can go wrong will go wrong.
People are generally assholes.
You can only rely on yourself and i’m not that reliable.
The weather sucks.

Also, society (macro and micro) doesnt work for the betterment of society but it operates to further the wealth and health of a just few. Which is a fact everyone is aware of but people are not nearly vocal enough on this. Shit is bad people, fucking get irate over it.

Anyway, the whole point of this ridiculous blog was and always has been to entertain, to make people laugh or smile. I dont know why i want to dedicate my life to making sexy racist fart jokes but i do and i cant help that. And should i have ever offended anyone well, i’m sorry but i’ll be making no apologies…so fuck you?

Laughter is a uniquely human trait and believe it or not, is so important to our lives that without the ability to laugh we’d all be german. Laughter makes us not nazi’s.

It also releases oxitocin, which is the love drug. It bonds us and unites us.
It transcends language, and its fun. So yeah, you get my point.

It gets kinda hard though, especially when life keeps asking you to eat bowls of shit. I know, relatively speaking i dont have it to bad- with all my fancy hair cuts and Italian shoes.

But its pretty tough being nowhere going nowhere. Especially at my age, i mean, like, my biological tock is ticking? It’s practically banging on my door. And lets face it girls- its a mans world.

Unless you got the T&A, brains count for nothing in this world. Am i right ladies? x

Anyway, sorry for getting all serious, i just wanted to come on and share some oxitocin.

So to recap:

People are ass holes.
People need to speak up when shit is unjust.
Women are only uselful when you can call them sugar tits.
And laughter kills Nazi’s.

Oh, just two more things:

Here’s a picture of a woman in a sexy ceruse santa lingerie suit. I google imaged ‘sexy racist fart jokes’ and she came up..obviously… So. …….congratulations?

Just wanted to spread some oxitocin…feel free to sing along.

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
They’re really saying I love you.

I hear babies crying, I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more than I’ll never know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world.

Ps i think i just had my period. Thank god! I was sooooo fucking late. Scary.


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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