>A Poem

>Here’s a little poem i wrote;

Oh dear mirror,
Will you look at me?
Cant you see how deep i be?
With all my poems and emotionality.

Oh dear mirror,
The fairest judge of them all,
Declaring your view from the wall,
Here i insert imagery of a snow fall.

Oh dear mirror,
I’m so deep you cant penetrate me,
You cant, you wont, you shant.
Wait-No mirror, no mirror, stop-your hurting me. Mirror stop it. No, help. Mirror. Stop. It’s not fun anymore. Mirror, stop. Ouch. This isnt happening. Help! Mirror! Stop mirror! somebody make mirror stop. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, please stop raping me oh fairest mirror of them all. I beg of you please, this abuse must stop. If you dont stop now i’ll call a cop. Police! Police? Please save me! I cant believe im being raped by a mirror- i mean like, you always think ‘that could never happen to me; that happens to other people’ but it can happen to anyone. Anyone. Anyone could be raped by a mirror. Since being raped by a mirror, i cant look at myself in the mirror anymore. Actually i cant look at anything in mirrors anymore. Everytime i see reflections i cry. I literally break down and cry. I failed my drivers test because of this. He asked me to reverse and i begged him to move onto a different part of the exam. But he kept screaming at me ‘REVERSE! REVERSE!’ i can still hear him now (because i’m live blogging the test). i hope he likes my shirt.

Great now the drivers tester guy is raping me… guess thats a thumbs up on the shirt.


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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