>Gayest Blog Ever


I’m really sorry i havent blogged in ages. I’ve been pretty bad at blogging, not that i was very good in the first place. No thats wrong, i’m an amazing blogger.

Anyway i’ve been really busy of late. Mainly working on my time machine (which totally fucking works!)

Took these two hot sluts from 1762.
Fuck yeah.
Eat it. Also made Einstein suck on it-but i promised him i wouldnt show people the pictures (text me if you want ’em)

Anyway the past is BORING. So im working on how to gain momentum in making time move forward. Pretty damn tricky.

Beside moving myself through space and time in an unnatural way, i’ve been working pretty hard on some script idears and organising some events for the Rathmines Festival 2009 a.d.

If any of you people are near the area you should totally come to some of the events because a good truck load of them are free or pretty damn cheap.

Also they’re really high quailty events for really cheap.
So yeah, come along. Its practically a free festival.

The past five or six months working on this have been a real learning curve.
The biggest lesson i learned is; dont rely on anyone, ever.
The second biggest lesson i learned is; make sure people can rely on you.

Simple little lessons. But the amount of people that have let me down is crazy. I’m not angry about it because i completely understand, its so easy let people down and i’ve let many people down before. It’s true…I’m no jesus. LOL

But long term; we can never be anything more than our word and it’s important to understand this and to live by this.

But for those people who came through for me, Lighthouse Cinema, Cartoon Saloon, Disney, Matt Nolan to name but a few (… and my girlfriend…i guess…). I couldnt thank these people enough (yes the cinema is a people).

It’s the kindness of people like above (and there’s so many more too) that have highlighted to me the nessecity to be true to your word.

Charity is a precious comodity which we all poses and people should learn how to spend it better 🙂 .

Charity is a short term investment with a long term return.

You cant max out your charity card.

Charity is accepted all over the world.

Lost your wallet with all your money in it? With charity; you never lose.

Ipod? €200. ….Blow jobs? priceless. Charity card.

I’m going to try use my charity card more. So if anyone, anyone at all, wants a go on my cock its cool, just ask.

Yes this blog is somewhat emo but blogging is emo. And im somewhat emotional. I love you. All of you. I’m tired.

Anyway, I hope to see some people at the festival. If i do see you please dont be upset if i ignore you- it’s just the kinda prick i am.

So yeah thats it. Hope to start blogging more frequently again.

ps thanks to those of you who have given me positive feedback about this little blog.

Gayest blog ever….I’m gonna go to bed now and let pam fuck me up the arse with her big pete burns cock.

Here’s a picture i took…


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I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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2 Responses to >Gayest Blog Ever

  1. John Morton says:

    >This is the blog equivalent of the ending of It’s A Wonderful Life. I cried and laughed but mostly, I want a go of that charitable cock you were talking about.

  2. Mick Minogue says:

    >I wish I was a cinema.

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