>The Marble City Has the Midas Touch

>I just want to say a few words of congratulations.

Its the silly season when it comes to awards and other such ego stroking events and this year i’m proud to say that Kilkenny folk are in their fuckin prime.

Congratulations to my cousin Mick Minogue who for some fucked up reason has bagged himself a nominee for the golden fleece award. Which is a high five because he clearly doesnt deserve it. Its a long story but dont get me started on this guy. Lets just leave it.

But serioulsy im really glad that mick and i share the same surname and despite all his looking in the mirror and wearing make up the guy works hard and deserves it.

My next shout out is to the Devious Theatre Company. They’ve been nominated for blogging (gay). These guys are really setting a precedent for amatuer theatre (really fucking amatuer) in kilkenny and throughout this country.

Their website is content filled to the max and even though they do plays about people eating other people, batton rouge or shitting in beds (thats what ‘Trainspotting’ was about right?) their website is very mature. And by mature i mean ahead of its time. And by ahead of its time i mean this is how you web page a blog.

They are part of the evolution in blogging- even though their content is a fuck fest of boredom. Zing.
Seriously though after checking the other nominees in their catagory, it’d be a crying shame if Devious were over looked.

I dunno this guy but i do know who he is. Exactly. Jeromy Hickey aka Rarely Seen Above Ground aka RSAG. This is another spawn of the cest pool of creativity and other shit that is Kilkenny.
Around for many a year, in the form of a blue ghost, a lonely drummer boy beating about the town hall or more recently a frequent attraction of Andrews Lane. His album ‘Organic Sampler’ is a ‘Choice’ nominee for album of the year 2009 ad. I wasnt able to illegally download his album so i purchased it from itunes on a credit card so i have no intention of paying for it. Who would give me a credit card anyway? Morons. Fuck you mastercard. Fuck you too Jeromy.

And one more congrats goes to the Cartoon Saloon who’s film The secret of Kells‘ is closing this years Jameson film festival. It looks amazing and wonderful and other nice words yada yada yada..I dunno why i bother.

And one very last congrats goes to mycro films and their web series ‘Vultures’ who are in the final stages of post production on the final episodes of the series.
Its been quite an accomplishment to have created, what will be 6 half hour episodes on virtually no budget. The show is a great example of what can be done and highlights how poor the standard of homogenous entertainment is here. What these guys have achieved is no small feat by any standard and it has been a pleasure watching the show develop and blossom over the past year.
Pity its shit.

I’d also like to congratulate myself on that picture i took (previous post). and I’d like to thank the weather firstly, i probably wouldnt of went up to the top of that multi story car park in temple bar if it wasnt snowing out, i’d also like those who commented on that blog post…not steven morton though.


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I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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One Response to >The Marble City Has the Midas Touch

  1. John Morton says:

    >That’s a lovely blog Dave.And a lovely photo too. I just saw it there now.You’re just lovely.I am gonna fucking shift you.

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