>A Letter I Wrote to the People Who Dwell Below


Dear occupants of 9a.

Please cease banging on the roof everytime we break briquetts to throw on the fire.

We assume you bang on the roof for two reasons:

a) You interpret our turf breaking as some signifying communication, where you think that we think that you make excessive noise and that we wish for you to stop.


b) Our turf breaking irritates you and you are too socially inept/ cowardly to civilly knock on our door and make us aware of the problem.

Your ceiling knocking is
1: bullshit
2: annoying

You may have noticed me knocking on door on two occasions where i merely wanted to civilly express that your bullshit was annoying- which you maturilly ignored.

Please let this letter be the clarification and the end of this childish bullshit as we dont like you enough to find this behavior cute.


PS we will NEVER stop breaking our turf.


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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2 Responses to >A Letter I Wrote to the People Who Dwell Below

  1. John Morton says:

    >You make those fuckers eat their fucking turf Dave. Class.

  2. jd says:

    >Maybe they’re just really tall. You inconsiderate scoundrel!

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