>Check out this Video

>I love this video.

It was made by some guy check out ross’s’s totally emo blog to find out stuff about or who this guy is.

Its just one of those video’s that just makes you feel good


Too bad its produced by literally the worst production company ever. Check out their totally load of bollocks web show and hate it.*

So yeah, there you go.

I cant publish this post till the video is uploaded. So i’ll just rant till its done.

Dont you hate…the opposite sex. I mean, whats their problem? They never get my sex’s point of view. They always agree with their own sex. Bla bla. I thought i could write a non sexist asexual rant on the opposite sex without mentioning either of the sexes, just so i could adhere to my oath** always to be ultra fair. But i cant and it was shit. And for that im really really sorry.

Up load you cunt.( sorry for saying cunt***.)

I changed the couch arrangement in my living area last week. Now i gotta type with the computer to my right the whole time (it used to be on my left). I cant get used to it. Using the right side of my brain that is.

Sure it looks better, but at what cost? The cost of not typing with the left side of my brain? Which side is the cool side, i’m thinking left but it could easily be the right, right?

Christ, my blogging is gone so shit. I’m gonna have to start writing on stuff that matters. Like Barrack Obama or AIDS… same thing really….PSYCHE, i’m totally not racist. Seriously, i feel uncomfortable for saying that.

Barrack, i’m really sorry for that remark. I read that book you wrote and i totally get why that was wrong. Dude relax, racism is over, you won.

You won.

*Its not shit and dont hate them
**i never took that oath and fuck fairness
*** i’m totally not sorry for saying that


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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