>Palestines a bunch of Dicks

>There i said it. Palestines a bunch of dicks. I said it again. Why? Because its true. I know Israel are being a sack of asshole’s by bombing the fuck out of them but lets be honest if you had to live beside a fuck load of mentalists who built a wall to stop you getting into heaven you’d feel like bombing them too.

And to be fair to Israel they’ve put up with a lot of shit. Like that time Palestine turned up drunk to Honuuka and touched up Israels girlfriend. Israel didnt make a big deal out of it at all. Which was really sound. But what nobody wants to remember is that Israel and Sandra actually broke up over that.

And remember that time Palestine kept saying really loudly that they’d ‘totally do Anne Frank’? I dont think i would of been as cool about it. Because she died in a Nazi concentration camp and was really fuckin young and wrote a diary about how shit the Nazi’s made life…if you were Jewish at least.

And all lets not forget that Palestine is a racist, sexist, biggoted homophobic dick wad that actaully said that it wants to take over the world. Palestines a nut job.

And just look at that flag Palestine photoshopped. Awful shit. Palestine should be ashamed.

And lets be fair, Israel are being decent enough about the whole thing. They’re only bombing Palestine because they can. And if i could, i probably would too. They’ve given them three hours every day where they can go to Tescos (provided they didnt bomb it to shit) or take the dog for a walk. Three hours is all you really need to feel like you’ve done something with your day and
human. And they bomb them with leaflet bombs telling them about the real bombs they plan on dropping later. All in all they are being really civilised about it.

I know i may have shot my potentail political career in the foot here but I think Israel’s kinda right. Have you seen the kids tv show’s they make?


that video is pretty much why i vote Israel.

And I’m circumsized…that kinda has absolutely nothing to do with it

That guy there is the high king of Palestine and he’s a total dick.


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I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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One Response to >Palestines a bunch of Dicks

  1. Oss237 says:

    >Oh so this week, you decide you’re into politics!? I don’t know Dave, sometimes you’re so emo that when people say “Do you know Dave?” that I simply punch them in the face!?

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