>10 Things That Make You Emo

>Here’s a list of all the things i consider to be emo.

1:Periods. Periods are a time of the month every guy anticipates with a mixture of sincere relief and that emotion that says ‘holly shit she’s actually crazy’ aka fear. They are full of empty promises and when you get down to basics, really fuckin emo.

2:Diaries. All diaries, journels, autobiographies are so fuckin emo.

3:Smashing Pumpkins: They are a decent band but they are so fuckin emo

4: Lakes. People look at lakes and think soppy stuff and get poetic.

5: Indie kids. All indie indie kids are really fuckin emo. I thought of the most indie kid alive then googled him and this was the picture i found… la evidence speaks for itself.

6: Hair styles. Having a hair style makes you emo. If you own a hair brush or a comb then you are automatically fall into that pit of self loathing called emo.

7: Teenagers. Smelly, cynical, self loathing, awkward, pale, sudo intelligent, sarcastic,….shit, I’m emo?

8: Blogging. Read previous introduction blog….Shit I’m emo….?

9: Emotions. People with emotions are emo. I dunno if i have emotions, that is for the history books to decide. I guess if i had to answer the question- do i have emotions my answer would be ‘…ish’

10: Cutting yourself, accidently or on purpose; bleeding blood in anyway is emo (backed up by point number one).

Ok so what did we learn? Everybody is emo. Its one of the toughest truths that life deals us, realising that your emo. Ross, Pam, Daw, Jane and me (the people that read this blog) we must accept and embrace that we’re all really fuckin emo.

But at least we can take comfort in this- We’re not as emo as that scabby bitch. An apple scab? I hope someone beats her up. Bet she gives good head tho…


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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One Response to >10 Things That Make You Emo

  1. Oss237 says:

    >Wow, this is easily the most emo thing I have every read!

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