>Blogging is Emo

>After 24 and near on 3/4 years of my persistent existence, I’ve decided to create a blog and to blog my way out of this poverty and anonymity.
I’ve had a google into other people’s blogs, to see what exactly goes in them and what one should talk about in their blog.


Every blog I read is all about what people are doing and how they feel and who they love and what they want to do with their life and- get Gay much?* How EMO is everyone? Its like everyone went to see that film ‘Twilight’ and then decided to experiment with their sexuality afterwards and then write about their experience and how they feel about it in hindsight (Used).

Look at that guy’s tortured eyes, “I’m gonna blog all over you later”. And she’s just a whore.

Anyway after several posts and a bull shit rant on blogs; I’d like to welcome you gentle reader to my blog.

My name is Dave Minogue, I’m a young supple man, currently studying film in the Digital Hub, I’m an ex-photographer, sporadic amateur stand up comedian, failed sitcom writer and a fucking amazing lover (please don’t try to confirm that last FACT with anyone).

I was born and conceived in Kilkenny. A city in the south east of Ireland founded over a large series of limestone deposits created during the last ice age. I did all that growing up stuff there too. Then after loads of years of that, I moved up here to Dublin several months ago. Dublin is approximately 1020 years old and sticky.

I like to write crazy. I like to let the words fall out naturally. Admitedly sometimes I have to go back and rearrange them and make them into real words or create a proper like sentence but there is nothing I like more than letting these little digits follow their heart and spout a titter tatter of nonsensical series of word vomit that somehow manages to tickles me cockle and make my wiggle giggle.

I don’t/won’t really see a boundary in these things I write, I just like to see some stuff that makes me laugh.

Sometimes this beat, might offend and sometimes the beat, might delight but the that is the power of these little words and I cant help but awe at our human nature to get personaly involved in another’s word world like they really really mean anything.
When truth behold its all just a little bit of nonsense really. Really.

*A lot


About davetheminogue

I'm one of those cynics you're always reading about.
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One Response to >Blogging is Emo

  1. Ross says:

    >Dear Dave, I love reading your words. It makes me feel like I’m really inside you… no really inside you! Like in that movie where Dennis Quaid was inside Martin Short, not like Heath and Jake!

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